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Đinh Hằng - Bloger 

Viet Kingfisher làm dịch vụ quá tốt: xe đưa đón 2 chiều Sài Gòn - Đồng Nai, xe đạp thuê mới và cực tốt, xe hậu cần chạy theo đoàn tiếp nước suối lạnh và chuối, bữa trưa giữa rừng ngon miễn chê, tour guide tuy không đẹp trai rạng ngời nhưng nhiệt tình hết sức (và hơi tưng tửng.) Đi tour nước ngoài thì quên đi mấy má, nói đâu xa ngay Lào với Malaysia thôi nhá, giá thì cắt cổ mà không có chiện băng rừng rồi còn có người mang nước cho mà uống đâu. Thân ai nấy lo hồn ai nấy giữ, nước ai nấy mang bình ai nấy cầm, tiền đóng rồi kệ cha mày. X
in cám ơn anh Hiếu Vietnam Kingfisher rất nhiều vì đã cho Đinh Hằng một ngày đạp xe tuyệt vời.



Nguyễn Xuân Trang from KPMG, đại diện tư vấn KPMG Vietnam

Bất ngờ với sự chu đáo, tận tình và tinh thần làm việc của những người thanh niên trẻ Việt Nam không chỉ cho Du lịch bền vững mà còn câu chuyện về hỗ trợ sinh kế cộng đồng. Món gà nướng BBQ thưởng thức giữa rừng ngon nhất từ trước đến nay mà tôi biết. 




Adam Vickers from THE SAIGON SUNDAY RIDE – Expat group in Ho Chi Minh

Life is like a box chocolates, someone said once. Organising anything in Vietnam, is like a wheelbarrow full of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, but mostly it is pretty good. First surprise was transport was on time, quite possibly a first for an organised tour, next surprise was that we weren't going to Cat Tien...we went to War Zone D. Though some of us had been there a couple of times before, routes used were new to us. Lots of tight trails, ducking under fallen trees, uncoiling vines from the bike, riding through cassava plantations, we had it all. Wildlife spotted included a wild boar, which may of become our lunch, and a red snake, and thanks Phil Worthington, for saving my life. Also thanks to Nguyen Dinh Hieu and his Kingfisher for organising the tour. See you at Cat Tien for the next tour.



Dong HH24_Ho Chi Minh City

“Fabulous trip ever”
If you are a green lover, a sport lover or just freely don't know what to do on the Sunday, I'd love to recommend a JUNGLE BIKING CHALLENGE tour nearest Ho Chi Minh city. This trip was recommended by my friend a long time ago but I just made it last week. I still feel excited till now and believe you would have no regret when joining this.

The trip is about 25-km length, taking up to 4 hrs to finish (oops maybe 25km to you is no problem when doing fitness or riding but pls remember you are riding on the rough trails, not on the paved ones :) ). There's many challenging parts waiting for you but this tour was organized just for beginner only. Tour guiders was so nice and super friendly and kind. My shoe sole felt off and one of them took off her shoes to give me as she was carried by motorbike. It's tough while the other are very supportive as giving you the knowledge and skill before and on the trip.

I totally over satisfied with this tour and would love to recommend to anyone if possible. To make sure the tour occurring smoothly, you need to prepare all stuff as required excluding food because the tour provide more than enough for you as I experience.








“Great Jungle Biking Adventure!”
Went with these guys on 2 consecutive Sundays. First on a private tour with a group of mtb riders in HCMC then on the Jungle Biking Challenge the following week. And though it was not my intention to book them for 2 consecutive weekends, I didn't regret it. Nope, not at all. And who would, when you have enjoyed the amazing trails, the good company and superb traditional Vietnamese food served after an amazing 2-3 hrs of bike riding?



Robert D 

“Excellent trip” 

They take care about our health in during the trip. Definitely, i will join other trips with my team in the next time. Outstanding experience!