Dinh Hang - Blogger

Viet Kingfisher services are so good: a free round-trip shuttle from Sai Gon to Dong Nai, new and very nice bicycles. Logistics team always keep chasing after us to provide bananas and water if needed. The lunch in the midst of jungle was awesome. Tour guides though are not handsome but very enthusiastic (and a little bit crazy). Forget about traveling abroad, no need to go to Laos or Malaysia, the fees are much higher but still, the services may not as good as this. Thank Mr. Hieu the CEO of Viet Kingfisher very much for giving me a wonderful day.



Nguyen Xuan Trang - consultant at KPMG Vietnam

I was surprised with the thoughtfulness of a young Vietnamese, not only with his dedication to Sustainable Tourism but also his story of community livelihood support.

I'm really enjoyed grilled chicken BBQ in the midst of jungle I've known so far.